The #1 country song on July 25, 1950

Why Don't You Love Me

Hank Williams

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Notable July 25 birthdays in the 1950s

Geoffrey Zakarian

Chef and Author
Born July 25, 1959

Alexei Filippenko

Astrophysicist and Academic
Born July 25, 1958

Steve Podborski

Born July 25, 1957

Frances Arnold

Scientist and Engineer
Born July 25, 1956

Randall Bewley

Guitarist and Songwriter
Born July 25, 1955

Ken Greer

Guitarist, Keyboard Player, and Producer
Born July 25, 1954

Walter Payton

Football Player and Race Car Driver
Born July 25, 1953

Jack Thompson

Lawyer and Activist
Born July 25, 1951