The #1 R&B song on May 3, 1944

Main Stem

Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra

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Notable May 3 birthdays in the 1940s

Ron Wyden

Academic and Politician
Born May 03, 1949

Denis Cosgrove

Academic and Geographer
Born May 03, 1948

Doug Henning

Born May 03, 1947

Norm Chow

Football Player and Coach
Born May 03, 1946

Davey Lopes

Baseball Player, Coach, and Manager
Born May 03, 1945

Jim Risch

Lawyer and Politician
Born May 03, 1943

Butch Otter

Soldier and Politician
Born May 03, 1942

David Koch

Engineer, Businessman, and Philanthropist
Born May 03, 1940