The #1 R&B song on May 15, 1947

I Want to Be Loved

Savannah Churchill and the Sentimentalists

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Notable May 15 birthdays in the 1940s

Frank L. Culbertson Jr.

Captain, Pilot, and Astronaut
Born May 15, 1949

Kate Bornstein

Author, Playwright, Performance Artist, and Gender Theorist
Born May 15, 1948

Jerry Quarry

Born May 15, 1945

Bill Alter

Police Officer and Politician
Born May 15, 1944

Paul B├ęgin

Lawyer and Politician
Born May 15, 1943

Lois Johnson

Born May 15, 1942


Illustrator and Publisher
Born May 15, 1941

Roger Ailes

Born May 15, 1940