The #1 R&B song on April 24, 1949

The Huckle-Buck

Paul Williams and His Hucklebuckers

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Notable April 24 birthdays in the 1940s

Paul Cellucci

Soldier and Politician
Born April 24, 1948

Claude Dubois

Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist
Born April 24, 1947

Doug Christie

Lawyer and Activist
Born April 24, 1946

Doug Clifford

Drummer and Songwriter
Born April 24, 1945

Tony Visconti

Record Producer
Born April 24, 1944

Richard Sterban

Country and Gospel Bass Singer
Born April 24, 1943

Richard M. Daley

Lawyer and Politician
Born April 24, 1942

Richard Holbrooke

Journalist, Banker, and Diplomat, 22nd United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Born April 24, 1941